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Basic rates


spoil x1
chance X6
Quest Drop/Quest Reward - x2/x1
RB drop - x2
Safe Enchant - +3
Elem.Stone - 40%
Max Enchant - +16
Elem. Crystals - 30%

L2OFF High Five part5.

ClassMaster 1/2 Job 10k/1kk, 3 job cost 50kk.

GM shop up to Top A Grade.

Auto Learn Skills. (No Forgotten Scrolls)

Heroes every 2 weeks (Base Class min people = 10)

Olympiad Max Enchant: +6

Auto events every 3 hour.

Protection System - Antibot help preventing cheater, botter and abusive players plus we have .report command ingame.

24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots

Npc Buffer with Basic Buffs No 3 job Skills/Summoners/Dwarf buffs. More info detailed in the forum.

Downloads & how to connect

1. Step - download & install client

H5 client

5.7 GB

2. Step - download L2Rivendel system

System mirrors

34 MB

3. Step - accounts autocreated

Have fun in game!